Texas weather sucks! It’s so flipping cold and I hate wearing my parka! The Air Force needs to start making baby gap sized clothes lol

I’m almost half way there!!

I found a pretty white dress that will go well with my combat boots! I can’t wait for that special day, no one will have a clue :)


My Photography :)


My lovely fiance and I :)

I edited out his name for privacy

My first day of drill is officially over and PT kicked my butt!!


Have you heard of an organization called Battling BARE?

This organization is about battleing PTSD. “NO MORE will we be the ‘silent support’ on the homefront… our Service Members DESERVE the right to be healed and whole! Help Combat PTSD! Our Caregivers DESERVE to know they aren’t on this journey alone.”

There mission: The mission of Battling Bare, Inc. is to provide a network of support for the spouses, children and family members who silently struggle to carry the burden of PTSD with their beloved Service Members. By creating a safe place to band together and share our stories, we will raise awareness about PTSD and create positive programs of true healing for families affected. Battling Bare, Inc. strives to be unique, positive and encouraging community resource for spouses of all military Service Members who struggle with PTSD. We are dedicated to eradicating the stigma in order for the family as a whole to achieve the help and healing they deserve.

Here is their facebook page: 

This is a great organization to check out and if your in the Social Work field like me and need to fill in your volunteer hours, this would be a great opportunity!

(photo credit to the Battling BARE organization)

Another sibling is looking at the military! If they join then all of my siblings but 1 will be in but there spouse is in the military. Yea I come from a military family lol


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I’m rocking the tragus awareness ribbon for Red Friday!


My locket is on it’s way! But I didn’t order any military charms yet. For a short time I want my necklace to be based off of my fiance and I’s relationship :)

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